It’s Your Time to Heal


I think it’s comforting to recognize that other people are just like you. We’re human, you know? To know that they feel the same thing as you and they encounter the same situations as you.

God puts us in certain circumstances because he knows that we will recover. He’s going to provide you with the tools you need to recover, but most significantly, he’s using you to illustrate to someone else that they too can overcome. That’s why I’m really honest on this blog. I share my journey with and I choose to express whether I’m sad, I’m afraid and so forth. I give myself permission to be vulnerable and open. I have to embrace and accept the emotions I’m feeling because that’s the only way I’m capable of moving past that emotion.

I can feel bad and recover.

I can be sad and heal.

But I’m learning not to suffer in silence.

That’s been the learning lesson of my last 2 years.

So I encourage you to reach out to someone you trust and talk about whatever you may be holding in. 

2014 is the time to recover and heal. Let’s do it together.