How I Moved into a Space of Abundance


My life really came together at my perceivably lowest point.  I reached a point where life was happening to me.  Obviously, in retrospect, I can identify the times I slowly surrendered myself to things that weren’t good for me; these were the moments I dishonored myself.  However, I can also tell you that everything in your life is happening to guide you down your path.  I’m so grateful for these challenges because it aided me with so much clarity.  

I began to reach a positive space when I recognized that

  1. I have the power.  I’m in control.
  2. Life wasn’t happening to me, but for me.
  3. The Universe wants me to be happy and will do what it takes to lead me towards happiness and goodness.
  4. Life is bigger than me.  
  5. I must take action.  I am in charge of my life and my happiness.
  6. All you ever have is the NOW.
  7. Progression does happen when you reach a rift in your life.

My first lesson came about when I recognized that I couldn’t move into a positive and abundant space holding on to negative situations, people or things.  Honestly, I was fed up.  I no longer wanted to dishonor myself.  I made a choice.  I recognized that I was worthy.  I recognized that I was, indeed, lovable.  I decided to do my work.  The mind is what the mind is fed.  I began reading a lot of positive, inspirational, self-help and success books.  I needed to expose myself to nourishing information.  I began watching a lot of spiritual and inspirational videos.  I confronted my fears.  I confronted my past.  I really started letting go of the pain.  I stopped blaming people.  The thing is, you cannot regret that past.  I HAVE NO REGRETS.  I would not even be the person I am today without every single thing I’ve experienced.  I realized that I played a role in ALL situations.  No matter how good or bad a situation in the past may have been, I went in agreeing to it.  I took OWNERSHIP.  I forgave myself.  I stopped blaming people in my life.  I let go of the pain.  I actually began praying for the people I didn’t like, which also, helped eliminate the pain.  Being that I am logical by nature, I recognized that all the bitter and negative energy I was radiating was affecting nobody, but myself.  It takes more energy being upset than it does moving towards happiness.  Most of all, I got still.  I got still.  I am telling you right now—the Universe is ALWAYS sending signs.  The funny thing is, the Universe will send you subtle signs and if you don’t recognize it or utilize it, the Universe is going to send you more signs that are less subtle and less subtle—until you do your work.  Now, you don’t want to let the sign get too enormous… but if it takes something tragic or life changing for you to recognize what you need to do—that’s fine.  That just means that this was exactly what you needed.  

I began changing my language and actions.  I don’t speak words that aren’t abundant.  I don’t say “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”.  I don’t comprehend that language.  Seriously.  It’s not even true.  You are RESPONSIBLE.  Look at the word responsible—I am RESPONSE-able.  That means I have the ABILITY to respond to any situation from a space of abundance OR deficiency.  In return, I took action.  I didn’t just speak positively and abundantly, I did my work.  I took chances.  I trusted myself. I proved to myself that I was, in fact, strong and capable.  

I developed a relationship with the Universe, the Divine, God. I prayed religiously, repetitiously, constantly. This was big, especially because before than I wasn’t spiritual at all.  Now, I pray every day. Whether it’s from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.  I just speak to the Universe.  Wherever I am.  

Lastly, I learned gratitude.  In the midst of all this negative energy, I realized that I wasn’t grateful one bit.  Gratitude is my native tongue now.  Literally, there’s so much to be grateful for..it’s beautiful.

“Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he will have an abundance.  Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he has will be taken from him.”

In doing my work, I have learned so much.  I see no value in putting people down.  I truly see myself on the same plane as everyone else—we’re all lovable.  I always try to come from a source of love and gratitude.  It’s the essence I want to radiate. I don’t have any special abilities that’s allowed me to make a positive change in my life.  I’m not more ABLE, than anybody.  

You can make a change in your life. 


Anonymous asked:

Wow I've already seen 3 things you either talked about or reblogged today that relates to the exact struggles of my life, you have such good insight, keep it up, I believe i was meant to find your blog <3

mindofataurus answered:

That’s funny because I don’t believe in coincidences. Nothing is a coincidence. Instead, everything happens for a reason and all unfolds perfectly. God, the Universe, the divine positions things on our path for specific reasons. So, I’m grateful I can be a part of your journey in a special way. You’re also a part of mine too! Your support encourages me to continue doing what I love, which is all portrayed through this blog! Sending you my loving energy!